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Tantric Massage NZ

for Men, Women and Couples


Here at Tantric Massage NZ we help you create the space for Tantric experiences which can take you beyond your perceived limitations of life, sex and relationships. 

We support you to open to greater intimacy, energy and love and to enhance your inner knowing and to integrate the spiritual element into your sex life. All through Tantric Massage experiences.

During our Tantra Massage sessions we work strongly with ‘feeling’ and bringing you into the present moment, in a safe loving environment. Creating deeper feelings and sensations in your body not only feels good, it changes the way you relate to yourself and your beloveds and helps to remove blockages that have limited your experience or held you back.

Tantric Massage NZ will teach you to use your sexual energy (life force energy) consciouslyWe provide homework in the form of a home based Tantric programme of  practical everyday exercises that can be utilised alone or with a partner.

These simple Tantric exercises will create more freedom and aliveness in your body, while   quieting your mind and you will experience a greater sense of wellbeing, love, peace, and overall health in your life.



Open to a deeper level of expression of your sensual self with the Keys of Tantra

TANTRIC BREATHING – Most people have learnt to suppress their feelings and so breathe in a shallow way, to keep the attention in the mind. The more you breathe fully and the deeper you breathe, the more you feel and come into the present moment.  We teach various Tantra breathing techniques to help you relax into your body more fully, to open more deeply to sensation and sexual kundalini energy.  Breathing in a Tantric way that is deep and relaxed allows the body to open to new level of awareness. Several breaths are taught in the first treatment, with practises given for inbetween sessions. Each time you visit Tantric Massage NZ, we build upon what you have learnt and add different techniques for you to try at home.

AWARENESS – there is only this moment right now, the future and the past exist only in the mind – to feel something, you need to be here now. In order to connect more fully with your partner, you need to be present and available. The mind can be a source of distraction if you give your energy to it. Tantric Teachings revolving around these key spiritual teachings can help clear past hurt and trauma easily. There are several key Tantric techniques to bring you into the moment and into your body more fully.

TANTRIC BODYWORK – our sessions help you learn to relax and let go of the tension which prohibits you from living in orgasmic tantric bliss. We use Tantra bodywork techniques to bring sensitivity, receptivity, depth and feeling back to your body. Long slow sensual strokes are combined with deeper moe stimulating caresses, and energy techniques are used to move the bliss throughout your whole body.

COMMUNICATION – Teaching revolve around helping you to be able to express your desires, fears and boundaries while still being personally responsible for your own experience. Being conscious and aware in your relating with beloveds is the greatest personal development tool you will ever have. Tantra has many techniques to achieve this.

MASCULINE / FEMININE POLARITY – Tantra teaches the importance of re-magnetising and realigning your natural polarity to create a stronger flow of energy with the opposite sex. In a world where most people are living in their heads, bringing a woman back to know her heart as her positive polarity and a man to know his penis (lingam) as his positive polarity is incredibly powerful and transformational. Teachings allow you to understand the role you play in your primary intimate relationship  and how many long term relationship become de-polarised - and of course what to do about it.

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