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Tantra Training for Couples




Done in a spirit of love and worship, Tantra is a meditation. 

Our couples Massage has proven a fantastic way for couples to enhance their sensual relationship without the fear of any repercussions.

Tantra Massage is an energetically charged meditation experience, one of several Tantric techniques to connect and bond with your partner.

During the session both you and your partner will receive massage and practice techniques on the other under the guidance of your Tantric Guide. Learn how to use massage strokes to give your partner a wonderfully relaxing sensuous massage.

Massage therapy softens and relaxes muscles with deeper Chakra stimulation through energy manipulation. This massage is an experience designed to build trust and intimacy alongside ritualized connecting exercises.

This exquisite experience can heal old wounds and improve emotional health by clearing any blocks in the chakras. It is a sensual, spiritual full-bodied experience involving surrender of the ego with a total focus on being in the present moment.

Tantra Massage is a way to worship the divine within you and your partner, and an intimate way of communicating that Divine love through deliberate, attentive, loving touch. This treatment can be anything from a ‘wonderful educational experience’ to ‘the most powerful sexual experience of your life’, while always incredibly sexy and sensual.

Discuss your particular needs and what you wish to experience when you call to book your appointment. Check our other pages and see what appeals to you.


TRAINING TREATMENT  $300 2hrs or $400 3hrs

A Training session involves 1 therapist and 1 massage table. You both get to work on each other with your therapist as she guides you into the tantric processes and massage techniques. Tantric breathing processes are taught during the session.


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