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Tantric Massage for Men


There are a number of different services available at Tantric Massage NZ to suit your individual needs.

The following options are based on Massage Treatments.




Relaxing Pampering Sensual Massage

  • Soft and Sensual
  • Full-body Full-Nude Massage
  • Relax and be pampered by your gorgeous Goddess.

During this massage you will be guided  into a luxury of feelings, expanded sensations and love..

Imagine deeply relaxing and letting go of tensions and stress, in a delightful, sacred, discreet environment.

Our Sensual Massage Therapy offers you sublime benefits to your whole body, mind and spirit... all inspired by riding the wave of pleasure.

Our full-body full-nude, hot oil, relief massage will Relax, nurture and invigorate your whole being.

$200 hour - Phone to Book  0800TANTRA  0274TANTRA 


Invigorating Energising Tantric Massage 

This Tantric Sacred and Transformative Massage uses techniques to heal body, mind and soul, through touch and energy-work and love. 

  •  More invigorating than the Sensual Massage offered above.

We take you deeply into Tantric Breathing processes that help to move energy easily through the body. Over several sessions - the 7 Breaths of Tantra are  introduced and taught - aiding overcoming any sexual issues.

Deep Tissue massage loosens the physical manifestation of tension and deeply relaxes your whole being.

This combination can open and expand states associated with unconditional-love.

Although individual experiences may vary, full body bliss and entering altered states of full body orgasm are common. Your whole body can tingle for days.

We teach techniques to prolong and delay ejaculation, and if desired orgasmic energy is experienced often continuously while ejaculation is withheld, so you can take the energy with you. Sexual energy is the Seat of Masculine power and you can utilise this energy in your everyday life.

 $200 hour or $300 90mins - Phone to Book  0800TANTRA  0274TANTRA 


 If it is Tantric Healing sessions that interest you

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