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Sensual Healing sessions for Men


The following sessions are based on Tantric Healing





Healing and Releasing Sensual Healing

This Sensual Healing session Does Not include Massage of the Genitals.

You are fully nude during the entire session, lying on your back on a massage table in a warm room. This massage is designed to:

  • Remove any physical or emotional trauma held in the body
  • Release relationship ties
  • Release energy from past sexual partners 

We ultilse a variety of techniques  including  physical touch, breathing processes and energy work while holding the space of unconditional love. This treatment is instrumental in opening and freeing blockages on all levels of your being. Every session is different and you may need up to three sessions.

This treatment is for people who feel blocked sexually, or perhaps are experiencing difficulty in intimacy relationships. It does not matter WHAT particular issue you have or HOW and WHEN it manifested, we can help you clear and feel free.

$200  90 mins - Phone to Book  0800TANTRA  0274TANTRA  



Activating and Re-Polarising Tantric Healing

Opening the Diaphram to a full breath

Experience yourself as the Orgasmic Wave

Activating the Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine 

 .......more information to come......


$300  90 mins - Phone to Book  0800TANTRA  0274TANTRA  




Tantric Consultation and Training 

There are many more aspects of Tantra not mentioned here.

A 30min consultation and hour training session can help you in all areas of your life. If you sense confusion around your needs, this is a great place to start.


$100 per  hr   - Phone to Book  0800TANTRA  0274TANTRA